Research areas

Landscape ecology and territorial management

  • Socio-ecological planning of the territory.
  • Socio-ecological analysis of rural-urban gradients.
    Identification, evaluation and mapping of ecosystem services.
  • Ecological effects of global change drivers.
  • Analysis and management of resilience in social-ecological systems.
  • Territorial connectivity and green infrastructure.

Conservation Ecology

  • Functional diversity and ecosystem services.
  • Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Ecological restoration of the territory.
  • Management of protected natural areas.


  • Agroecological practices for the provision of ecosystem services.
  • Characterization of agri-food systems in agroecological transition.
  • Inclusive and participatory social agriculture.
  • Eco-feminist perspectives in agri-food systems.
  • Agri-environmental strategies and policies.

Urban Ecology

  • Sustainability in cities and urban agenda.
  • Sustainability indicators in urban environments.
  • Analysis of ecological footprint and impact of human activities.
  • Sustainable management on university campuses.

Human Ecology

  • Socio-ecological assessment of human well-being.
  • Sociocultural perception of the landscape and ecosystem services.
  • Relational values and nature-society links.
  • New ruralities and countryside-city relations.
  • Ethics of sustainability.

Comunication, Education and Participation

  • Participatory processes for the planning and management of social-ecological systems.
  • Design and evaluation of communication, education and participation plans for sustainability.
  • Management of public use and tourism in protected spaces.

Political ecology, institutions and governance

  • Power relations and socio-ecological justice.
  • Analysis and management of ecological-distributive conflicts.
  • Gender perspective in the study of socio-ecological systems.
  • Evaluation and enhancement of local ecological knowledge.
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Scientific Production

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